Risk Assessment


In this increasingly regulated world, all businesses face the risk of non-compliance with the law or making the wrong ethical choices.

Conducting an effective risk assessment is the first step in constructing and implementing any effective compliance programme and working towards building an ethical culture.

Risk assessments are recommended practice when managing risk in many areas of corporate compliance, for example, establishing ‘adequate procedures’ under the UK Bribery Act 2010.

Whether the assessment relates to the organisation as a whole or a specific risk area, McDougall Rew can help you:

  • Identify the major ethics and compliance risks facing your organisation
  • Know which employees are likely to be affected
  • Determine what action to take to minimise exposure to risk
  • Allocate risk ownership within your organisation
  • Create an Action Plan and timetable

McDougall Rew has experience in conducting risk assessments both online and by interview, and will produce a comprehensive report showing you by territory, product sector, employee group where the greatest risks lie and how to go about addressing them

McDougall Rew Approach


1. Assess

2. Design

3. Implement

4. Monitor