Communications and Training


Your employees aren’t lawyers. They may not even know that bending the rules for the company’s benefit is wrong.

They need simple and jargon-free communications and training so they can identify the risk areas in the jobs that they do, guidance about how to make the right choices and information about who to call if they need help.


With our selected partners, we can provide online, targeted, interactive risk-awareness training courses, tailored to the client’s policies and branding. Invited to participate by email –and gently reminded if they fail to do so – employees’ progress through the curriculum is tracked and monitored so that high completion rates are achieved.

These courses contain engaging scenarios depicting easily recognised situations in the workplace, reinforcing retention of the key messages.


For senior managers or target groups which require more in-depth training, our experts can work with you to provide more detailed and specific workshop training sessions or design a blended learning programme of e-Learning and face-to-face training.

In short, McDougall Rew can work with your organisation to develop and deliver a comprehensive programme of training and supporting communications.

McDougall Rew Approach


1. Assess

2. Design

3. Implement

4. Monitor