Codes and Policies


A clear, easily understood Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of a business’s ethical culture; and many of your business partners will expect you to have one.

Yet some organisations either don’t have a code, or will dust off an outdated document which has been sitting on a top shelf somewhere, irrelevant to the business’s current needs and ignored by most employees.

The same principles of clarity, simplicity and relevance apply to policies for individual risk areas, such as anti-bribery and competition law compliance.

Our services include

  • code and policy creation,
  • review and development
  • benchmarking

resulting in engaging and professional documents for your employees and business partners which are modern, crisp, concise, accessible, instructive and relevant to your business.

McDougall Rew Approach


1. Assess

2. Design

3. Implement

4. Monitor