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It takes many a good deed to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it

Benjamin Franklin

Ethics and Compliance Consultancy from McDougall Rew

McDougall Rew helps organisations determine, assess and mitigate their ethics and compliance risk through the design and implementation of effective compliance programmes.

The McDougall Rew Approach

Organisations today face increasingly complex and punitive laws. The costs of non-compliance to your business can be enormous. Every employer is required to demand the highest ethical standards from its staff and those it does business with, including suppliers, agents, subcontractors and joint venture partners. Management needs to be able to demonstrate to regulators, auditors and others the steps they have taken to reduce ethical and compliance risk.

1. Assess

Identify your organisation’s key corporate risks, assess their likely impact, identify measures to address them and create an appropriate action plan.

2. Design

An organisation’s Code of Conduct and other policies and procedures – endorsed from the very top – are the foundation of an effective programme.

3. Implement

Communicate your Code, policies and procedures to employees and, through training, ensure they understand them.

4. Monitor

Keep the programme alive and effective through ongoing assessment and evaluation.

Our team can advise on all aspects of creating, strengthening and maintaining effective ethics and compliance programmes